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What is MN12?
Midsize North America Project #12
MN12 is just an easier way to say 1989-97 Thunderbird and Cougar.
MN12 is the chassis designation for the 89-97 Thunderbird, Cougar. It's a rear drive platform with Independent Rear Suspension (IRS)
All automakers frequently use chassis designations as a way to easily refer to a series of cars. The newest Mustang chassis is the SN95. While the new Lincoln LS is the DEW98 platform. Read More...

Home Made Ram Air
Well..you're not gonna get 40 HP...20 at best. Ram Air is VERY simple to make..and it'll set you back around $50 with the cone filter. Read More...

The EEC has a mass air flow transfer function (it is nothing like the ones from Pro-M, the EEC values are in lbm/clock tick, don't ask why, I don't know) of voltage vrs flow. Read More...