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TCCoA/KVR dual piston PBR caliper 10.8" upgrade kits - INFO

TCCoA/KVR dual piston PBR caliper 13" upgrade kit - INFO

TCCoA/KVR four piston AP Racing caliper 13" upgrade kits - INFO

KVR Performance Inc. is one of the top suppliers of Performance Brake components in North America. They also supply these components to individuals and distributors around the world. KVR carries cross-drilled brake rotors for over 1000 applications of European, Import and Domestic vehicles.

Many MN12 enthusiasts are constantly upgrading thier cars in an effort to develop more horsepower yet many owners overlook upgrading the stock brake system to handle the extra horsepower. Most of you know that the stock MN12 braking systems on our cars leave much to be desired. The stock sized rotors are marginal for use in cars as heavy as ours and are known to have a nasty habit of warping. Some of the causes for rotor warpage are:
The stock plain rotors can not dissipate heat efficiently. KVR can help alleviate this problem.
Although brakes do need heat to work, too much heat will lessen the ability of the pad to grab the disc. Cross-drilled rotors have holes machined and radiused into the face of the rotor. They are machined in a pattern that enhances air flow, but at the same time doesn not affect the structural integrity of the rotor. Even though the surface area has been slightly decreased, cross-drilling adds a cooling effect that increases stopping ability by reducing the heat-induced fade that occurs when brakes are used frequently or at high speeds. Lower heat temperature on the disc means less warpage, which will lengthen the life and durability or your rotors.
The cross-drilling offers enhanced wet weather performance by pushing the water through the holes rather than waiting for the water to dissipate from the heat the brake generates.

KVR Performance brake pads have many benefits over the stock Ford brake pads like:
Less Brake Fade
No Warm-up Time
Produces low amount of black dust
Kevlar insulated
Rotor friendly Carbon Fibre Weave
Shorter Stopping Distance


KVR pricing

no package prices any longer, rotors are 15% discount from retail, pads are
10% discount from retail, cad plating is $12.00 per disc. There is no longer
a package price for anyone buying 4 rotors and pads at a lower price and
including cad. The TCCOA001 package is now retail $895.00 and member price
is $695.00. TCCOA003 is $1095.00 retail and $895.00 member price. " TCCOA002
IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE " FT400 is a 4 pot AP 1 piece 13.0" disc at $1995.00,
TCCOA member price is $1650.00, FT401 13.0" 2 piece AP kit retail $2695.00
member price is $2295.00, TCCOA004 12.0" rear re-location kit retail $695.00
member price is $495.00. We still have a 6 pot AP 13.0" kit retail of
$3995.00 and member price is $3495.00. Due to the competative nature of the
braided line kits, there is NO member price on these line kits.

To Order, Contact KVR at 1-800-636-0854

Note: In order to get your member discount, you'll need your
member number. Contact Sir William or Mark McCormack for more info.

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