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TCCoA/KVR dual piston Caliper 13"
Big Brake Upgrade Kit


Note: This kit is only available to current TCCoA members

TCCoA/KVR PBR dual piston caliper, 13" (one piece rotors) kit - $895.00 + shipping

Note: This kit requires 17" wheels for proper clearance

This upgrade kit includes:
  • Two dual piston PBR calipers, Brackets and hardware
  • Two KVR 13" Crossdrilled gold cad plated rotors
  • 1 Set of KVR performance brake pads
  • Set of braded stainless steel brake lines (front)
  • Two 500ML containers of  AP Lockheed Dot 5.1 performance brake fluid

This kit provides a 28% increase in braking ability over the stock 10.8" system
This kit provides a 25% increase in braking ability over the stock 11.5" system
This kit are a simple and fast bolt on for any MN12 with 1993 and up spindles and  anti sway bar endlinks.
Any color rotor coating that KVR offers can be ordered at no extra cost (Silver, Gold, Black)
Slotted rotors can be ordered instead of crossdrilled rotors at no extra cost but do not carry a warranty
The calipers in these kits come in a silver finish much like the pic above

For any questions please contact Mark McCormack at MarkM@TCCoA.com

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