MN12 Performance Intercooler Fan Kit 94-95 SC

stock intercooler fan kit 89-93 SC
stock intercooler fan kit 94-95 SC

Thank you for purchasing your MN12 Performance Intercooler Fan Kit designed for the 1994-1995 Thunderbird SC. The kit comes with all the needed hardware and instructions to install the fan kit with no special tools required. This fan kit is designed to turn the fan on when the ignition is turned ON. Intercooler temps can be reduced by as much as 30 degrees F. Installation time is about 1-2 hours.

Installation Instructions

Disconnect the battery and remove it from the car. Remove the black rubber stone guard from the underside of the front cross member. Remove the radiator support bolts, drain the radiator and remove the upper radiator hose so the radiator fan may be removed from the car. Disconnect the transmission lines (automatics only) from the radiator and tie them up (while removing the radiator is not mandatory it makes for an easier installation). With radiator and battery removed position the fan on the backside of the intercooler about 3 inches from the top with the fan wiring located at the top. Insert the rubber washers over the nails and insert them through the Intercooler with the top nails installed first. Using the supplied Push Pins secure the fan to the Intercooler (see picture)

Using the wiring kit supplied attach the three black wires (ground) to the headlight ground location (see picture).

Next using a 1/8 inch drill bit drill a hole approximately 2.5" inches from the radiator support bolt for mounting the relay. (see picture)

Next locate the ignition wire (R/LG) (red with a light green stripe) in the Fuse box wiring harness. Their are several (R/LG) ignition coil wires, the correct one has about 1 inch of slack that will allow you to attach the tap for the fan turn-on . You need to remove the coolant reservoir from the car and set it aside. Next unscrew the two nuts that hold the 175amp Megafuse and remove the fuse then unhook the wires. Next disconnect the Power Distribution Box from it's support by using a small screw driver to depress the 4 locking tabs that hold it down. When you have removed the box from the support you will need to depress the 4 small locking tabs that hold the top and bottom of the Power Distribution Box together. Once you separate the top from the bottom locate the (R/LG) wire that runs from the #3 fuse to the EEC relay (see Picture).

Pull the extra wire away from the main wiring harness and reassemble the top and bottom of the Power Distribution Box. Reinstall the Power Distribution Box to its bracket and using the wiring harness supplied connect the RED 12volt power lead to the Megafuse. (see picture)

Install the 3M 901 tap supplied (see picture) on the ignition wire.

Connect the wiring harness to the thermostat switch
Ignition Coil 

Reinstall the radiator, fan, and battery. Fill the radiator start the car and check all connections.

30amp Relay
3M 901 Tap
Wiring harness
Fan support nails


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