Power Seat Modification {add an extra 2" of seat travel}

Have you or a passenger ever had a problem getting in your Thunderbird and found that the seat doesn't travel back far enough? Ever wondered how you could get the extra seat travel? This How-To will explain the steps necessary to allow for the power seat track to be modified for an extra 2" of seat travel. 


Step One:

Remove the bolts that hold the seat down and move the seat all the way forward. Next, disconnect the power harness and remove the seat from the car.

Step Two:

Remove the 4 Phillips screws that hold the front seat cushion side shield and disconnect the wiring harness (see picture). Next remove the seat track cover to expose the seat track.

Step Three:

There is a dowel pin located in one of the four hole at the back of the seat track that needs to be removed. This dowel pin stops the seat from moving back too far. Using a hammer and small pry bar you can remove the dowel pin without damaging it.

Use the hammer to tap the seat track while applying pressure to the pry bar and drive the pin out.

Tap on track until pin is almost out.

To remove the dowel pin completely use a set of pliers to twist the pin out of the hole.

Step Four:

Mark the location for the new dowel pin hole and make sure it is in front of the stop tab. Next, using a 3/16" drill bit make a new hole in the seat track (see picture). Be careful not to apply too much pressure while drilling the hole as the track may begin to flex. It maybe necessary to support the track from behind using the pry bar.

Step Five:

After drilling the new hole clean the metal shavings away and insert the dowel into the new hole. Using the pry bar to support the back of the track tap the dowel into place so it is centered in the track.


Final Step:

Install the seat track lower shield, cushion side shield and reconnect the wiring harness. Place the seat back in car and reconnect the wiring harness and torque the seat bolts down (18lb-ft for the front & 60lb-ft for the rear). Test the seat for correct operation.

Tools Needed: 
Small Pry Bar 
3/16" Drill Bit 
Phillips Screw Driver 
13mm & 18mm Sockets 

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