TCCoA Chat

Basically, Chat room is self-explonatory. You log on and chat. There aren't many confusing features in this chat room. Only options you can change is the nick name, status, font style and color.
Here is how you use it:

  • Enter the chat room. Wait about 1.5 minutes (52K modem) for the room to load.
  • Click on the button called "NICK" in the upper left hand corner and enter your BBS nick name for easy recognition.
  • Start chating
  • Before you leave the page, you need to press the DISCONNECT button, otherwise your next log on may not be successful (There will be an alert box for the first 2 weeks just to remind the users to do that)

    • Watch out for the members with the "@" sign in front of their nick names. They are the room OPs and they control the chat room. They may kick out or ban any user from a chat room anytime they want (ex. offensive language or something similar)
If you don't like the chat room interface you can download an IRC client from and use that program just like AOL chatroom without worries of you browser crushing down on you while chating.

For ALL the IRC users:

The TCCoA chat room is based on the IRC chat. It has channels, commands and all the other things that the IRC chat have. If you are an IRC user you don't have to log on to the chat room through the TCCoA web site. Use your IRC client.
Here are the parameters:

PORT:  6668

IRC clients

Remember:   Enter your BBS Nick Name


The Chat room works with most versions of Netscape and Internet Explorer.
Email us if you can't log on.

Weekly Chat Schedule:

Time/Zones Eastern Central Mountain Pacific
Thursday 10pm - 2am 9pm - 2am 8pm - 2am 7pm - 2am

These hours apply to a group chats. Don't worry if you can't make it because the chat room is running 24 hr/day. You can enter the room anytime you want. It will be up to you luck if others will be signed on at the same time as you are.


  • JOIN - lets you join the other chat rooms
  • NICK - lets you change your chat nick name
  • SEARCH - searches for keyword phrases on the net
  • ROOMS - lets you list all the available rooms
  • OPTION - lets you change your chat options (ICQ #, text color, text design, messages, etc)
  • FLOAT - makes the chat room float outside of the window
  • QUIT - Quits the whole page
  • DISCONNECT - disconnects you from the chat room

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