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Requirements to get on the list:
  1. You must first submit your car with your current mods to the Reader's Ride Section.
  2. Must be a 1/4 mile time, No 1/8 mile timeslips will be considered. Mark Left or Right side of your run.
  3. You submit your car to only ONE class.
  4. G-techs and other hand held devices will not be accepted as a valid quarter-mile time.
  5. Someone must verify your run. He/she must witness that run.
  • NA - Naturally Aspirated - Slight mods (MAF, pulleys, chip, intake, exhaust, 5.4L, etc.)
  • SC/TC - Super Coupe / Turbo Coupe - Super Coupe and Turbo Coupe
  • PA - Power Adder - Heavily modified engine (Supercharger, Turbo, N2O, etc.)
  • Open - Anything Goes - Any type of engine, any mod, everything allowed

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Body Type: MN12  Fox Body
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Super Coupe / Turbo Coupe
Power Adder
Anythying Goes
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