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 TCCoA Wallpaper

TCCoA Wallpapers: Many people have asked for some good pictures of some hot Thunderbirds and Cougars to display on their monitors. You will look like such a FORD-aholic that your friends will have you committed to the local loony-bin! We will post more as they are available. All images are in the JPEG format (to reduce file size.) We are working hard to create them and we are assuming that you already know how to create a wallpaper file on your computer!

- Dario ThunderPlane Design -

Would you like your car featured here? TCCoA is looking for high-quality images of '89-'97 Thunderbirds, Cougars and Lincolns. Here are the requirements:

  • First of all, please ask before sending us a picture!
  • The larger the image the better. It is better to reduce the size than expand it.
  • We don't guarantee that your picture will be featured in our next wallpaper.
  • The image should be large in actual monitor size and at least 300 d.p.i. Although you monitor can only display 72 d.p.i., we can always degrade the quality.
  • Preferred image formats include JPG, BMP, PSD, or TIFF.
  • If the picture file is exceptionally large, please ZIP the file before sending.
  • Submitted pictures become property of TCCoA to do as we wish.
  • The images we use will be at our discretion.
  • Please, Email us


TCCoA Desktop Themes: Many people have also suggested that they would like to have their computer totally customized to the hobby - Cars. The best way to do so is by creating a Desktop Themes for the computer which will include Tbird sounds as well as icons. We are very close from realasing our First Desktop Themes so stay tooned.

 YIM Themes


Bad To The Bone
Johnny Vassilakos '96 4.6L Sport

Vortech Trim
Dale Vortech '95 LX Custom Engine

Ryan B. "Final"
Ryan B. '90 SC

SCCONW Mini Meet
Rob Harrison

SCCONW Donut Time
Rob Harrison

Hydrolic T-Bird

25MPH - Pegged Speedo
Kris Danner '96 LX 4.6L Custom Engine

Blake's 11 Second 1/4

Blake against Cobra

Blake against Mustang

Ryan B. Spinning Rear Tires
Ryan B. '90 SC

Ryan B. Parking Lot Doughnuts
Ryan B '90 SC

Dan Ulrich's 14.19 run
Dan Ulrich '96 LX 4.6L

Kris Danner's 12.19 run *
Kris Danner '96 LX 4.6L Custom Engine

Nick Bell's 13.4 run
Nick Bell '96 LX Custom Engine

Jason Miller's 15.1 run
Jason Miller '94 SC

* Note: This video clip is encoded with DivX4. Download the Codec here

Home made movies: We also had a request to put personal .mpgs and .avi files on the server for others to check it out. Lots of us like to watch movies of other T-bird or Cougar owners either doing a burn out or racing somebody. So I dedicated this little section to all of you that like to watch movies. Here are the requirements:

  • Please ask before sending us a file!
  • Preferred movie formats include .avi, .mpeg, .ra.
  • Please ZIP the file before sending.
  • Please Send it Here.

 YIM Artwork

TCCoA Artwork: This section is for displaying artwork by our members and readers, as well as published artwork.

 YIM Software

TCCoA Calculator: In an effort to teach myself Visual Basic, I installed MS Visual Studio Professional and bought a couple of books on VB Programming. I needed something to cut my teeth on as it were, so I decided to create a Tire Calculator since there just weren't any good ones that I could find other than some web-based java applets. It's just kind of grown from there.   Sir William.

Version History
0.1.0 This was a pretty crude version to say the least. The main purpose of it was learn how to create the various pieces and make them interactive. Then I had to make sure all my math was correct. At this point, it was all plain, simple text.
0.5.0 The first version that I released to the public. It was a plain ZIP file that people had to download and unzip to use it. It was functional and included some comparisons of tire sizes, I even threw in a nice looking TCCoA masthead for looks.
0.7.5 This time, I've added menu support (which, if you notice will show you what's in store), future support for a full help file, and a very nice installation program. But the first thing you'll see is the new Speedometers! These I had to pay for to use, but I figured you were worth it. :o)
YES, I know the Offset and Wheel Width controls don't affect anything. They will.
I'll be adding a couple of different modules to make the application (wow, it's gonna be an "Application" instead of just a "Program" WOO HOO!!) more useful and versatile.
Just stay tuned and see what happens!!!

Below you'll find links to the downloadable files. The first is the main program that will extract itself and launch the installation. The other two files are there in case you don't have those particular DLL and OCX files. They should exist already on all Win98 and most if not all Win95 machines. But, if you need them, just download and let the extractor put them where it needs to.

921 Kb
Installable TCCoA Application File
508 Kb
Microsoft Common Controls OCX
688 Kb
Microsoft Visual Basic Virtual Machine 6.0
By Sir William.

 Downloadable Software

"Netscape 4.08" (Browser only) Click Here!  (9.75 MB download) For win 95/98
Note: This is the stand alone browser  part of the Netscape Communicator 4.08 package.

"Netscape 4.08" (full version)Click Here!  (20.1 MB download) For win 95/98
Note: This is the full version of the Netscape Communicator 4.08 package.

"Shockwave 7" and "Flash 4" Click Here!  (Fast download) For win 95/98
Note: These are great plug in programs for Netscape and are required to run certain graphics on the TCCoA site.  

"ICQ"  Click Here!  (4 MB download) For win 95/98
Note: This program allows you to communicate with other ICQ users on the web in real time.

"Cresendo"  Click Here!(1MB download) For win 95/98
Note: This program lets you listen to background midi music as you browse a web site.

"QuickTime"Click Here! (500K Download) For win 95/98
Note: This program lets you view Streaming video, sound, music, 3D and more.

If you know of any other programs that you would like to see listed here please E-mail

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