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Owner: Thomas Abney
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Location: Iowa
Model/year: 1993 LX 3.8L V6
Engine Mods: P&P and Cut Upper Manifold, and P&P Lower Manifold
60mm 5.0 Polished TB W/ Phenolic Spacer
Harland Sharp 1.8 Roller-Rockers
180* T-Stat
Copper Plugs
Adv Timing 18*
AC Deleted
Hayden Elec. Fan
80mm LMAF
RGR Big Valve 1.84 intake/1.6 exhaust Heads
215/220 RGR Cam .600" Lift
Dennis Chip
36# Injectors
Exterior Mods: Eibach Pro Kit 1.5" drop
90 SC rims with 225/60/r16 BF Goodrich
Tokico "Blue" shocks all around
rear disc conversion
shaved "Thunderbird LX" on rear lights
2.25" true dual exhaust with CATCO high flow cats and 97 ported shorty headers
18"x3" stainless steel rolled lip tips
Thunderbird Logo on rear windshield and side windows
Eibach sticker behind front fenders above side trim
Interior mods: blue neons under seats and under radio face
painted dash with rustoleum hammered
hand e-brake conversion
45x4 Pioneer deck
180watt 6x8 fronts
220watt 6x9 custom mounted in rear deck
carbon fiber and stainless shifter handle
switch panel in place of ash tray
Autometer Dual Gauge Pod on A-Pillar
Nordskog Air/Fuel Gauge
Future Mods: 4.3 stroked SC block with aftermarket forged internals
Vortech V-2 SQ Supercharger Kit
ported SC heads
8.8 3.73 rear dif (in garage)
paint gfx and mach1 hood
shave tail lights (in progress)
97 headlights frenched into mach1 hood
some 18" rims
SC seats (in garage)
Slotted front discs
dual piston calipers in front
Lentech 3000 rpm high stall converter with stronger input shaft
lentech valvebody calibrated for 3000 converter and 3.73 rear dif
Bullet-proof tranny and rear suspension so they don't BUST!


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