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Owner: Paul Bodenweiser
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Location: Tennessee
Model/year: 1989 SC 3.8L V6 5 Speed
Engine Mods: Replaced a perfectly good engine with another completely rebuilt
Stock short block and intake
Ported & polished heads (locally)
roller rockers
bigger MAFS
throttle body
supercharger was ported/polished
rebuilt and brought up to 94/95 specs for an M-90
Ceramic headers and 92 exhaust & fuel tank with larger pipes
Dual oil filter system located in front left fender well and a three quart oil accumulator operated by switch in dash panel for a total of nine quarts of oil.
see list on site for more but it's everything we can do to one of these wonderful cars
I rebuilt this beast from the subframes out
Replacing everything possible with new or better. This engine is built to determine data for the needs of Open Road Racing. Then Coy Miller will build on specifcally for that use.
Exterior Mods: Front air dam Xenon #5311 I think is the best (of the few available) for keeping the front end down at maintained high speeds. It is screwed on with tape and has been braced at the bottom for stabilizing at speed.
Rear air spoiler is custom and made from a template off NASCAR birds(89) of Talladega and Daytona
It should stay on the ground at 168 which is the tech (top) speed we'll race this street legal beast out west.
Interior mods: Does and 8 point roll cage get interest?Digital dash custom built from Dakota Digital
Race engineers (passenger) side has a full digital array from tach & speed to tire pressure/temperature monitoring system computer and timing equipment will be installed soon
Stock seats now have two of the five point safety harness system which is attached to car and 8 point roll cage with swing out side bars.
Interior, engine bay and fuel tank all have a Halon fire suppression system installed
In car communications to be added soon and for those that care about this kind of thing
I did have the stereo rebuilt and all speakers are in good original shape
Music reproduction sounds good enough from both radio and tape deck of the JBL system
Fresh air system (for helmets) to be purchased soon...I'll be placing that in the rear seat area as well as the Halon tank and auxiliary battery (deep cycle) system
Aside from two interior digital video camera mounts I think that about covers the interior.
Future Mods: I'd like to have a better job done on the next set of tear offs for the Lexan windshield. Car # has to go on the roof too. Otherwise it's I've got to finish the 93 SC that is staying stock but almost showroom condition now. And there is always this: Whatever it takes to keep it street legal, reliable at an average speed of 150 MPH for 90 to 130 miles at a time and on the ground. Most importantly... whatever I can add for safety that hasn't already been done.


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