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Bill Storoniak
Member of TCCoA
Owner: Bill Storoniak
Web Page: http://www.kconline.com/zach/
E-mail: irishhockeypuck@msn.com
Location: New York
Model/year: 1992 3.8L Custom Cougar LS
Engine Mods: Roller rocker arms
Milled heads
Multiangle valve job
Short belt
Flex fan
Smoothed and polished throttle body
Crane PS91 coil
Taylor Spiro Pro wires
Champion "clipped" plugs at .065
Timing at 17,93 octane ProM 75mm mass air meter
KN panel
No lower box
4"ducted ram air
MDF intake and TB spacer
Insulated intake tube with "fin"
Glass pack exhaust
Baumann shift kit
Trcik Shift fluid
TV optimized
Tranny cooler
Exterior Mods: V8 springs
Monroe SensaTrac all around
Addco 1 1/4"rear bar
Poly bushings all around
Grease fittings in all ball joints
BFG 235r60's
Custom grille and headlight covers
Painted all trim and door handles
Carbon fiber windshield wipers
Front spoiler
All intake openings screened
Fog lights
Rear lettering removed from taillights
Interior mods: Carbon fiber trim
Double guage pod with air/fuel guage and digital voltmeter
Vaccuum guage
200 watt amp for 6x9 side quadraxials
200 watt ducted bazooka
Special switch for amp only
Carbon fiber shift knob
Custom pedals
Future Mods: Larger throttle body
Chrome intake tube
3.73 Cobra rear
Flowmaster exhaust
Torque converter
Powerdyne blower
Rear spoiler


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