Owner: Bruce Burson
Web Page: http://www.cardomain.com/memberpage/497445
E-mail: bursonb@mailup.net
Location: Landstuhl, Germany
Model/year: 1994 LX 4.6L V8
Engine Mods: None. This is my daily driver.
Exterior Mods: Removed "dealer-added" pinstriping.
Cooper Cobra GT "T" rated 215/70R15 all weather tires.
Disabled power antenna mast, installed hidden antenna.
Added fog lamps - Tenzo 200 gold mini-ovals.
Nose bra by Le Bra.
"Carbon Fiber" headlight covers by GTS (not at night!)
Replaced clouded/leaking headlight lenses.
Ultra White (DOT) 9007 headlights by Ford Racing.
Clear 3457 (40 candlepower) front running lights.
Re-wired running lights to use bright filament.
Clear front corner lenses.
Sylvania SilverStar front signal lights.
Added trunk lid wing - low profile 3 leg w/LED brake light.
3457 Tail/brake lights.
Halogen back-up lights.
"Smoke" tail light covers by GTS (not when driving...)
Added rear mud flaps.
Shaved "Thunderbird LX" badges.
Interior mods: Replaced all damaged parts.
Had detailing shop clean & restore interior.
Tinted windows 35% (5% on sides behind doors.)
Installed fog light switch (SuperCoupe OEM) in center console.
Heavy-duty black rubber mats (originals stored.)
White Gauges by Scott H, "Flaming Bullit" with kph speedo.
Steering wheel cover (more comfortable for large hands.)
Added Silver/black 'Bird badge to steering wheel.
Panoramic rear-view mirror by LaneChanger.
Substituted Denon DCR-670RD audio head unit.
Added Denon 12-disc CD Changer in trunk.
Substituted Pioneer TS-A6880R speakers all around.
Added trunk cargo net.
Removed 3d brake light from rear deck.
Future Mods: Gas lifting struts for trunk lid.
Exhaust tips.
Supercoupe reflective tail & brake light assemblies.
Resurface rear deck.
Repair all body damage.
Shave "Ford" badge and smooth the holes.
Remove stock antenna and smooth the hole.
Substitute '97 door handles & locks.
Repaint entire vehicle.
Replace stock "V8" badges.
Re-tint windows to darker shade.
17" wheels.
Maybe resurface/paint dash.
Maybe '97 headlight swap.
Maybe substitute an aftermarket hood.
Possibly smooth lines.
Possibly shave trunk lock/door handles/door locks.


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