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Casey's '89 Cougar
Member of TCCoA
Owner: Casey Leonard
Web Page: http://www.amphibian.com
E-mail: casey@amphibian.com
AIM: Mortimor Frog
ICQ: 12149752
Location: PA
Model/year: 1989 5.8L LS
Engine Mods: 1970 351 Windsor block
Wild cam
1993 Cougar EFI
1995 Cobra upper intake
70mm throttle-body
24 lb/hr fuel injectors
K&N cone air filter
Griffin HP radiator
Exterior Mods: Mach I style hood
Rear spoiler
American Racing Equipment wheels
Custom blue paint
1968 Cougar badges
"SUPER COUGAR" replaced "COUGAR LS" on trunk lid
Interior mods: Replacement of digital guage cluster with analog cluster
Blue leather XR-7 seats
Future Mods: Better brakes
Stronger AOD


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