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Dario ThunderPlane
Member of TCCoA
Owner: Slawek Boryczka
Web Page: http://www.interillusion.com/dario
E-mail: drjyoo@mindspring.com
AIM: Doctorekk
ICQ: 94614224   
Location: New York
Model/year: 1994 4.6L LX
Engine Mods: AutoPhysics 5" Cone Filter
73mm Gutted MAF
Aluminium 3" tube - MAF to TB
K&N Valve Cover Breather
Custom made Ram Air Kit
180' Thermostat
ASP Underdrive Pulleys
MSD 8.5 Copper Ignition Wires
Adjustable Fan Temp. Switch
Transgo HD-2 Shift Kit
Perma-Cool Trans. Cooler
Stock Upper cats w/ 1 2-1/2 Flowmaster       ( Listen to It Here )
Exterior Mods: '94 to '97 Headlights Conversion
Xenon Skirts
SC rear fasia
Xenon Wing
Camry XLS front Facia Spoiler
GTS Rear Window Visor
Raysbestos Perf. brake pads
Suspension Techniques Springs
Tokico Blue shocks
AIR-LIFT air bags - rear springs
Superiour Scoundrel (Cobra 'R' replica) 17x7.5"
215/50/17 450 Nitto Tires
Strobe lights
Alternatively flashing blinkers
Alternatively flashing high beams
Interior mods: White face gauge clusters
Carbon-fiber interior dash
Carbon fiber door handels
Stereo System
Future Mods: L-MAF
Inject-Tech chip
KB Susp Pieces
Addco Rear Anti-Sway Bar


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