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Peter Dennis

Owner: Peter Dennis
E-mail: pdennis@netnitco.net
Web Page: http://members.tccoa.com/pdennis93
AIM: Pdennis91
ICQ: 1804194   
Location: Indiana
Model/year: 1993 3.8L SC-Auto
Engine Mods: Flowmaster exhaust
5 percent SVO pulley
K&N cone/removed air silencer
shift kit
car has run a best of 14.616@92.37mph
Exterior Mods: New paintjob may 2002
window tint
Interior mods: 6 disc CD changer in trunk
JVC cd player
Future Mods: Keepin it looking good
maybe do a few minor things to it like a better intake
bigger TB & MAF
stuff like that


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