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Owner: Marc DiGiovanna
E-mail: igotskillz@peoplepc.com
AIM: imahotty4600
Location: California
Model/year: 1995 4.6L LX
Engine Mods: Cone filter
MAF mod with 15/32 screw
Removed silencer
Removed 3rd cat, resonator, and rear mufflers
Ran single 2 chamber flowmaster in center
stainless 3" pipes out the rear
Exterior Mods: Removed side moldings
1.5 Eibach springs
17 Centerline rims 245/45 and 275/40 tires 3 stainless steel exhaust
dark dark tint. Limo on rear 3 windows
No liscense plate or drill holes
Clear corners and new headlamps (no yellow)
Blue reverse lights
Fast blinkers
Interior mods: Pioneer 7000 cd-deck
Orion 6.5” components
PPI 4240
Eclipse 6x9s
Stock side panel 5x7s
Pimp Red interior Lights
Future Mods: AED
New pistons and high rpm crank
True dual exhaust
Fuel system upgrades
Stereo upgrades


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