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Todd Drefcinski

Member of TCCoA
Owner: Todd Drefcinski
Web Page: http://members.aol.com/
E-mail: tydlwavs@aol.com
AIM: tydlwavs
Location: IL
Model/year: 1996 4.6L Sport
Engine Mods: Reflashed and tuned EEC
90mm Lightning MAF
Mustang GT intake tube
75mm BBK throttle body
Ported upper plenum
7" S&B cone filter
JDM 90mm MAF cone adapter
High flow downtubes
Performance Distributors "Live Wires"
Performance Distributors "Screamin Demon" coil packs
Goodyear "Gatorback" belt
Exterior Mods: 4.50" bolt pattern swap
99 Cobra rear hubs
SN95 front hubs w/ABS
17x8 1998 SVT Cobra wheels
245-45-17 Nitto 555's
Bilstein shocks
H&R lowering springs
Airlift airbags in rear springs
MN-12 polyurethane knuckle kit
Steeda polyurethane differential bushings
JL subframes
JL strut tower brace
JL lower engine cradle braces
JL front suspension support braces
JL rear shock tower brace
JL rear tornsional load brace
Interior mods: Custom charcoal carpet & mats
Cloth Super Coupe seats
FR500 steering wheel(soon)
Custom A-pillar pod(soon)
AutoMeter Phantom trans temp gauge
AutoMeter Phantom Air/Fuel gauge
AutoMeter Fuel Pressure gauge
Custom LMS white faced gauges
Stock cd-player:)
97 center console w/ cup holders
Leather shift boot upgrade
Future Mods: 13" Cobra front brakes(purchased)
11.65 Cobra rear brake upgrade(purchased)
99 Windsor shortblock
PI heads with ModMax cams and springs
Bullitt intake(purchased)
Cobra twin 57mm Throttle Body(purchased)
2 1/2" ART dual exhaust
Reinhart Automotive driveshaft
3.55 or 3.73 Cobra center section
Upgraded halfshaft(when the stockers go)
Nitrous Xpress kit
Complete repaint


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