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Owner: David Finlay
Web Page: http://www.webquickies.com
E-mail: slice56@hotmail.com
AIM: slice56
ICQ: 81672883   
Location: Kansas
Model/year: 1993 3.8L LX
Engine Mods: Removed Air Silencer
Light head porting
SplitFire Spark Plugs
Extra Thick Plug Wires
1100 Amp Die Hard Battery
Larger fuel pump
180 get. t-stat.
3.55 ratio gears
Super AOD Transmission
Exterior Mods: Xenon Ground Effects
Xenon Trunk Spoiler
Front and Rear Disc Brakes
8.8" IRS differential carrier
(2) 1.5" SC Half Shafts
Cat Back Custom True Dual SS Exhaust
SS polished exhaust tips
Qtr and rear 5% limo tint
High Performance Super White Foglights
Dichroic HID Xenon Super White bulbs
140Db Dual Horn Kit
'97 style rims
Interior mods: Sony (52wX4) fold-down CD Player
4 Cerwin-Vega 5 x 7 Speakers
2 Cerwin-Vega 6 x 9 Speakers
1 MTX Audio 12 subwoofer
Fosgate Punch 400a2 Amp
Modified Drivers Seat
DEI 6500 Alarm w/ keyless entry, remote start, and trunk pop
All interior bulbs super white Xenon
LeBra Hood bra
Future Mods: Cobra R's
Full leather black front seats


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