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James La Bella
Assistant Vice President
Newsletter Editor
Florida Chapter Director

Member of TCCoA
Owner: James La Bella
Web Page: http://www.tccoa.com/
E-mail: Jamesl@tccoa.com
AIM: cheetahtdc
ICQ: 57414913   
Location: Florida
Model/year: 1990 3.8 SC - Auto
Engine Mods: Solid Rubber Engine Mounts with installed Torque Strap
MN12 Performance Intercooler Fan
Ford Motorsports (aka Racing) 10mm wires
Ford Motorsports Crome Breather
Lifetime Goodyear Gator Back Belts (All 3)
10% OD Pulley
LaBella Performance Cold Air Intake w/filter
180 Degree Thermostat
FULL Mandrelbent Dual 2 1/2 Inch Exhaust
No Cats
No Resonator
2 Dynomax Super Turbo's
High Speed Cooling fan switch in cabin
Exterior Mods: 1995 SC Wheels
Vent Visor Window Shades
Full Wrap Around Spoiler
Interior mods: Pioneer DEH2000 Head Unit
Eclipse 4 Channel (Highs & Mids)
Stock JBL 5x7's
Orion 280gx (lows)
Lanzar 1000watt 10inch DVC Sub in a tube
Blue Racing Pedals (pep boy's exclusive!!)
145mph 95 SC Speedo
All 95 SC Guages Less Tach
Future Mods: Converting to M5R2 5 Speed (In the works as we speak)
Having head gasket matched and polished
Resealing the entire motor
Porting intake to match heads
I'm still considering a Front Mounted IC
I need to get a Chip burnt!
Still need to get a 255LPH Fuel pump
When the Swap is done a B&M Ripper Shifter
Centerforce Dual Friction Clutch
ETA: It should run a 13.6 or higher depending on Florida weather


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