Louisville bird

Owner: Jay Kenney
Web Page: N/A
E-mail: NumoneSmartass@aol.com
Location: Kentucky
Model/year: 1991 LX 3.8L V6
Engine Mods: removed air silencer
K&N cone filter
home made custom chrome intake tube
black wire loom to clean the wires up a little bit
180* t-stat
and a few others
nothing big yet.
Exterior Mods: everything is custom
and everyone will see it soon enough
you can see what it use to look like
lets just say it will be a one of a kind bird!
Interior mods: crushed green and black velour
  • seats
  • console
  • dash
  • headliner chrome chain steering wheel
    air/fuel gauge
    oil pressure gauge
    big enought stero system
Future Mods: there all in progress right now
but when you are in the custom car world your car will never be finished i think
but i want new exhaust
bigger rims
then ill work on the motor


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