Owner: Brandon Kotnik
E-mail: rancherlee@hotmail.com
ICQ: 7440188   
Location: Minnesota
Model/year: 1996 3.8L LX
Engine Mods: K&N cone filter/heatshield
Jerry chip
ASP crank pulley
180* t-stat
Gutted cats
Removed rear muffler
Exterior Mods: 17x9 Cobra R replicas 5 0n 4.25 bolt pattern
Interior mods: Liteglow 15ft electro lumincent wire kit (blue)
2 gauge pillar pod
Phantom 2 1/16\" 30hg/30boost gauge
Phantom 2 1/16\" transmisson Temp 100-250*f
Future Mods: Morana stage 3 head w/5 angle valve job
Morana 280x cam
ported/polished upper and lower intakes
4.2L stroker with forged pistons, HD rods
Single turbo w/8# of boost 12# after 4.2L swap


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