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Chris Maloy

Owner: Chris Maloy
E-mail: chris@phonewave.net
ICQ: 8154998   
Location: Reno, Nevada
Model/year: 1995 3.8L SC 5-Speed
Engine Mods: None
Exterior Mods: 5% window tint on all 5 windows
Reflective Red THUNDERBIRD SC bumper letters
Interior mods: Kenwood CD Deck
MTX Tweeters, mids, 10"subs
MTX 2300, 4320 Amps
Door Panel Upholstery matched to exterior
Leather Seat Heaters
Backseat Lights illuminated with overhead switch
Future Mods: Change rear windows to either pop-out's or roll down
Convert exterior signal lamps to LED's
Replace rear bumper cover with earlier style
Thunderbird Sport style spoiler


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