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Owner: Jack Mavino
Web Page: http://www.geocities.com/yinden
E-mail: Zendynasty@crosswinds.net
Location: MS
Model/year: 1990 3.8L LS Cougar
Engine Mods: None
Exterior Mods: None
Interior mods: Panasonic CD Player
Kenwood Speakers
Single 10" Kenwood Sub
Rockwood Equalizer
Sony Amplifier
Future Mods: K&N Air Filter
Remove Air Silencer
Underdrive Pulleys
Replace the front bumper and a new grill
Installing a front end off a newer cougar
Put clear headlights
New fog lamps holes
Dynomax Exhaust System
Dual pipes with one pipe on each side
Tint Windows
Chroming the rims or get the new ones
Plan on getting the widest tires I can on the rims I have


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