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Mike Manzo
Member of TCCoA
Owner: Mike Manzo
Web Page: http://www.thunderbirdsc.com
E-mail: mikemanzo@mindspring.com
AIM: Cyberdyne7
ICQ: 73479104   
Location: Illinois
Model/year: 1993 CMRE Stage 1 SC
Engine Mods: CMRE Stage 1 380HP/420 ft.lbs torque @ 3800rpm
Eaton-Magnuson S-Model Supercharger w/ 5% Overdrive
SCPI Raised blower top
Lucas 38# Injectors/Adjustable Regulator
190 lph Fuel Pump
C&L Mass Air Flow Meter
ZR Motorsport Fresh Air Intake
K&N 9" Cone Filter mounted in place of under-car airbox
SCPI Jet-Hot coated custom headers
SCPI High-Flow Catalytic Converters
Magnacor 10MM Race Wires
Moroso Custom 10MM Wire Loom Kit
Custom Billet-Steel battery cage enclosure
Perma-Cool Intercooler Fan w/ interior switch
MN12 Performance Solid Engine Mounts
Spectre Stainless Steel Hoses/Ford-Blue Connectors
Goodyear Gatorback belts
Exide Orbital 700+ CCA Battery (forgot exact#)
Perma-Cool Transmission cooler
Custom made 2500rpm non-lockup stall converter
AOD Heavy Duty rebuild with SVO Wide Ratio gear train and 2" overdrive band
K&N Oil Filter
Exterior Mods: (Picture shown is 3 years old.. New pics coming soon)
Eibach Springs
Illumina II Electronic Adjustable Shocks
17x9 "SVT Cobra" Silver Wheels
Pirelli P7000 255/40/17 (F) 275/40/17 (R)
Limo-Black Professional Window Tint
"Ford Police Interceptor" Window decals (just for the heck of it)
Cellular-Style Bearcat scanner window mounted antenna (rear)
Ford installed rear spoiler
Interior mods: Auto Meter A-Pillar Guage Pod
Auto Meter Ultralite Pro-Comp Oil Pressure / Temp guages
Auto Meter triple guage bracket mounted on dash by defrost vent
2 Auto Meter Sport-Comp Air/Fuel meters mounted on either end of triple bracket (1 for each O2 sensor)
Auto Meter Ultralite Pro-Comp Boost Guage
NR Auto Grey Guage cluster faces (to match Ultralite guages)
Blue Neon (bulbs hidden) floor lighting
Hard-Wired Valentine One Radar system
"Line of sight" mounted Valentine One hidden display unit
(detector center window mounted for max coverage while remote unit provides "heads up" warning)
Valentine one remote mounted speaker/volume control unit
Remote Start / window roll-down /trunk release
Quad-Stage security system both Alpine top system and custom design
Cheapo huge bandpass box w/ Orion XTR 12" subwoofer/Kenwood 300w amp (little oompf)
Ford trunk cargo net
Cute little red fire extiguisher mounted by driver
Future Mods: New headlights and clear corners
Modify taillights on inside of lens
Black painted criss-cross pattern (kinda like Firebird) use LX lights for bottom black strip on lenses
1-3/8 Front & Rear Sway Bars
Kenny Brown Front Suspension Kit
Kenny Brown Rear Torsional Brace
13" Brake kit (Baer maybe)
Cross Drilled Silver plated rotors
Manually adjustable shocks
Alpine CVA-1005 Mobile Multimedia Head Unit
Alpine DVD Navigation Unit w/ GPS
Alpine 12 disc CD-Changer mounted in glove box
Alpine door/rear replacement speakers
Custom bandpass box for Orion XTR 12" 500W subwoofer
Lower DIN (where stock CD is now) Mounted Bearcat mobile Police Scanner
Integrate customized data logging system into CVA-1005 inputs for EEC-IV interface display
EEC Tuner from MN-12 performance
Collapsing laptop mount for EEC Interface computer(www.galls.com)
Replace side mirrors with "blue tinted" mirrors available on Fords after 1995
Replace front bumper with early model "SC" bumper
One hell of a custom stealth black paint job


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