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Owner: Ricardo
Web Page: http://www.scperformance.com/
E-mail: ricardoa1@netzero.net
Location: Massachusetts
Model/year: 1994 3.8L SC-5sp.
Engine Mods: Flomaster II (no resonator)
K&N panel filter+home made Ram
MN12performance MAS mod
ASP Underdrive pulleys and 5% overdrive
Accel wires
Centerforce II clutch
3.27 Limited slip rear end
Rubber motor mounts and Tranny mount
Poly IRS bushings from MN12perf
Ripper shifter
Exterior Mods: Updated nose to 96-97 Tbird nose
Included a Xenon front dam
Clear turn signals
Cobra R replicas
11" Mark 8 front breaks with KVR rotors
Salleen wing
Interior mods: None
Future Mods: None


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