Member of TCCoA
Owner: Benjamin Smith
Web Page: http://members.tccoa.com/f15eweapon/
E-mail: f15eweapon@aol.com
AIM: f15eweapon
Location: Virginia
Model/year: 1996 LX 4.6L V8
Engine Mods: Bosch Platinum 4 plugs and wires
and a clean engine bay
Exterior Mods: Xenon Ground FX
Sylvania Silverstars
Bob White Thunderbird Decals
Clear Lexan Lic. Plate Covers
Indiglo Ford Emblem on rear
Interior mods: Woodgrain Interior Kit
Pioneer Tape Deck with 12 Disc Changer in Trunk
REV Series Pioneer 6x8's in stock locations
ported rear deck (Carpet on back deck is un-molested)
2 12" Pioneer Subs in Q-Logic Box being driven by a
Mono Sony Sub (1000 watts) and a
4 channel Pioneer amp for the REV's (100 watts per channel RMS)
Future Mods: So many ideas on TCCOA.. hard to decide which way to go!
In the long term (2 year plan) I want the 4.6 super mod block (w/ forged internals)
PI Heads or better on top of that.
AED supercharger and a
150 shot of nitrous at least.
to handle all that I want a Reinhart Tranny, and a
fantastic dyno tune to tie it all together.
I have zero doubt I'll need suspension and
chassis upgrades to cope with that kind of power output.
Yeah, it'll be expensive...
but I'm planning on having the money to do it anyhow...Money=speed!
I'm sure KVR Brakes will be needed first however.
as I'll need new brakes soon enough. oh yeah.
and my Zaino is on order!


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