V8 Thunder

Owner: Brian Stahl
E-mail: stahlb@bellsouth.net
Location: Florida
Model/year: 1995 5.4L (Custom) LX
Engine Mods: 2000 5.4L Triton. Ported PI heads, 3 angle valve job. Hyland "Stage 2" cams. Forged flat-top Arias Pistons. TwEECer programmer for EEC-V. Custom made crank scraper. 75mm BBK throttle body. Flowmaster true dual exhaust. Aeromotive 1000HP fuel pump, -8 stainless lines, -6 return, 15 gallon fuel cell in trunk. 250 total HP nitrous system(75 HP off line, throttle activated, 175 as soon as I grab second gear on slicks, or 3rd gear on street tires), direct plumbed port system, UNDER the intake using NOS fogger nozzels. The solonoids are hidden under the wiper cowlin, and the lines run inside plastic sheething like they use on harnesses. Very nice, completely stealth...Oh, and I have a T45 I modded out to be a speed shifted trans by grinding every other tooth off the synchros.
Exterior Mods: Just the 'glass hood
Interior mods: Autometer guage cluster
Future Mods: The car is no longer going to be a full-time driver...I am starting to think big block...maybe a healthy dose of 514...backed with a Jerico...and a solid rear...time will tell...for now, mid 11's on street tires, thru mufflers is alot of fun...


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