Addco/TCCoA 1.125'' Exclusive Rear Sway Bar

John or John Stasny Jr.
Member of TCCoA
Owner: John Stasny
Location: New Jersey
Model/year: 1994 3.8L LX
Engine Mods: Removed Silencer
Tubing from the right lower bumper fascia to the air box
(Gives a Ram Air effect at speed that gives a noticable improvement for passing)
Exterior Mods: 17 inch Cragar SS 980 wheels and 245/50/17 BFGoodrich Comp T/A HR4
Interior mods: Kenwood PS-955 head unit
Pinoeer 6x8 inch speakers in the stock location
Kenwood 200W bridged amplifier powering a 10 inch Polk dB sub in a custom fabricated box that I built
Kenwood 10 disc CD changer
Future Mods: Exterior:
16 inch wheels and tires for winter driving
New sway bars
New suspension bushings
Also planned is a braking system upgrade at all 4 corners

Stereo upgrades include 6.5 inch Polk dB series seperates
Custom fabricated fiberglass enclosures
Kenwood 4 channel 400W amp

Custom bent true dual exhaust system
Replacing the stamped steel rocker arms with roller rockers
Upgrading the ignition system
Porting the intake, some head work done to open them up a bit
Custom cam grind. Nothing too radical, just a bit more oomph to surprise a few opponents!


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