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Member of TCCoA
Owner: Johnny Vassilakos
E-mail: osuphidelt@aol.com
Location: OK
Model/year: 1996 4.6L Sport
Engine Mods: March Pulleys
Custom Ram Air
K&N Filter
Bored MAF
JBA Headers
2 1/2" Custom Downpipes (no converters)
One 3" Flowmaster where third cat used to be
Dallas Mustang MIL Eliminators
"Air Adjuster!!" from Interactive Systems and Technologies
Exterior Mods: Video Clip - Click here to see a little .mpg file I made
Rear Blackouts
Clear Corners
SVT emblems
Bilstein Shocks and Struts
Eibach Springs
Superior Scoundrel 17x7.5 Chrome Wheels
Michelin XGTZ4 245/45/ZR17 Tires
KVR Cross-drilled rotors and carbon Fiber/Kevlar Pads
Custom license plate that reads "SVTBIRD"
20% window tint
SuperWhite Headlight Bulbs
Saleen S-351 Rear Wing
Interior mods: NR Auto White Face Gauges
Kenwood CD Player
Viper 600 Alarm
Future Mods: Baynard Cobra 'R' Hood
145 mph speedo (so I can peg it out too!)
Stage 2 Excessive Motorsports Heads
Forged Rods and Pistons
Cobra Crank
Vortech S-Trim
T-45 Transmission
FMS 3.73 Gears
'99 Cobra IRS Pumpkin
Aluminum Mark VIII Driveshaft


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