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Vance VanRiper

Owner: Vance VanRiper
E-mail: buffdaddy@stny.rr.com
ICQ: 7162713   
Location: Pennsylvania
Model/year: 1993 3.8L LX
Engine Mods: Performace headers and head gaskets
New spark plugs and wires
Exterior Mods: Custom vinyl sun shade
GTS headlight blackouts
Pilot High-Performance fog lights
Additional 'LX' NOS Emblems on front sides
Interior mods: JVC El Kameleon CD Head Unit
5X7 Pioneer speakers
Two 10" Thump subwoofers
300 Watt Pyramid amp
Future Mods: Replace clear coat on front fenders
Custom hood or replace clear coat
GTS Taillight blackouts
Radar detecter
Window tint
Rear spoiler


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