94Tbird UMWTC Prez

Owner: Justin W
Web Page: http://members.tccoa.com/tcats
E-mail: thunderbirdluv@hotmail.com
AIM: SkrmnV8JW
Location: MN
Model/year: 1994 4.6L LX
Engine Mods: None Yet
Exterior Mods: Deleted Mufflers w/ 2.5x9" chrome tips
Shaved V8 and Rear taillight lettering
Fog/driving lights - rewired to run seperate or together (4-55w bulbs)
Interior mods: DEH 1400 Pioneer Headunit
Future Mods: Valve Body Mod according to that one guy - coming real soon.
When I find spare sets Black Painted Wheels
Color Matched Inner Taillight Assembly.
When $$ Comes first on the list will be
PI Cams
Torque Convertor
Upgrade everything from the filter to the Throttle Body (no particular order)
From there on out
whatever comes to mind or needs to be fixed/replaced when I get the money.


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