Forced Induction 101
   U/D Pulleys
   TPS Adjustment
   Injector Size
   Roller Rockers-Freeing HP
   How do Camshafts work?
   Valves-how they work
   Allen vs. SVO superchargers
   Supercharger's Dyno
   Fuel octane Spouts
   Spark Plugs and Wires
   Smart Spark Feedback
   Starter going bad ?
   Fuel filter replacement
   Forged Pistons
   Fuel Pressure Test
   Things to consider before AED install
   Painting Engine Parts
   Talking about Engine Oils
   Choosing right oil weight
   Changing Oil Sender Unit
   Installing the 5.4L Triton
   Engine Cleaning Tips
   PI head Install for the 94-97 Ford MN12's
   Installing a Remote Oil Filter

   DOHC Engine Swap
   Romeo & Windsor Heads
   5.0 Cam Specs
   Will a Mustang 5.0L Supercharger Kit work on a T-Bird?
   Lonnie's Experience with Super Charging the 5.0 MN12 with the R & E Racing Kit
   What are some Tested and Installed Intake Manifolds on the 5.0L?
   Quick and Easy 5.0 Modifications / Upgrades
   TPS Adjustment for the 5.0L
   How to Convert your Oil Pressure Gauge

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