Door trim paint chipping Fix

On most of the T-birds and Cougars, there is a trim between the front and back windows. It is black and is connected to the door and divides both of the windows. It tends to gradually chipp off with age so here is a fix for that.

Required Tools:

  • Wet/dry sandpaper in 600, 800, amd 1000 grit
  • Small sanding block
  • Small spray can of grey or similar sandable primer
  • Larger spray can of black trim paint (yes several manufacturers make this to spray black bumpers, trim pieces, windshield wiper arms, etc to get them looking like new). Flat black paint could be used also, but I am unsure of the result.


    1. Start by thouroughly taping and covering the surrounding area (door, rear seat window, rubber weatherstripping, roof, anything that might be affected by sandpaper or sray paint overspray).

    2. Take the coarsest sandpaper and sand away as much of the old black trim paint as possible. Be carful to sand evenly and take away the same amount of material on the entire area.

    3. Using the sandable primer, spray several liberal coats onto the affected area. Allow at least 15 minutes between coats and 45 minutes-one day dry time. (I let the primer dry for an hour and it worked ok)

    4. Wet-sand the primer using progressively finer grit sandpaper until you can see no chip marks and the affected area is smooth and evenly coated (no evidence of chip marks)

    5. Apply several light coats of the black trim paint, allowing 15 minutes between coats until affected area is covered completely and evenly. BE CAREFUL NOT TO RUSH THIS STEP AS THE PAINT CAN BE RATHER THIN OUT OF THE CAN AND LIKES TO RUN. If it runs, you basically have to start over. The end result should be very pleasing and makes your car look much newer.

      John L Johnson

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