Thunderbird GT

Limited Edition

I purchased this T-Bird after the Limited Edition met an untimely demise due to a deer (A 12 point buck).  My Girlfriend (at the time) drove me down to Tulsa to pick it up in nasty weather (That is a story in itself).  It is equipped nicely having the same equipment that the LE had with the exception of a Moonroof and Leather interior.  The Leather I can salvage from the LE.  The Moonroof I'll just have to do without.  it isn't a Sport but again, I can salvage the suspension and brake components from the LE to upgrade that.

The goal for this car is simple. I've always liked the way Mustangs (in the old days anyway) had an option list to make them anything you wanted,  from a simple economy car, to a full blown muscle car.  And you could order options, not "Option Packages" . T-birds to (in the old days). Lately the Mustang has been getting all the glory, while the T-bird has been forgotten. However what if Ford hadn't forgotten about the Thunderbird? What if they had offered more than just a V-6 or V-8? What if they had offered a Thunderbird GT? I plan to answer that question and build one. It is going to have a high performance yet reliable 4.6L V-8, stiffer springs and sway bars for handling, better brakes for stopping the power, and of course an upgraded interior. Ford made a feeble attempt at beginning this with the "Sport" package. I plan on finishing it.

This Website is an ongoing project as well so if a link takes you back to the LE, be patient,   I'll get them all working as the car progresses.

Factory Specs
Race times
T-Bird Sites

Ford Options on this car:
Auto Headlamps
Auto Climate Control
Power Antenna
Courtesy Light Package

To upgrade the car to the GT that Ford should have built, I upgraded some of the things that Ford ignored. This did not happen in any particular order, just as I acquired the funds, and the parts. It isn't finished yet either.

Upgrades Done to Date
  • Mustang GT Cold Air intake system - Brings in cooler, denser, air from the fender, and more of it.
  • Twin Piston PBR Brake Calipers - Shorter, firmer braking
  • 3.73 Trac-Loc in Mark VIII aluminum case - Less wheel spin - Faster acceleration
  • Mark VIII Aluminum Driveshaft - less rotating Mass
  • Polyurethane Differential Bushings and Tranny Mounts - firmer mounting points, less flex
  • 255/50/16 Falken Ziex ZE-512's on 16"x7" "Sport" wheels
  • Aluminum Mark VIII rear lower control arms.
  • Eibach Springs - Lowered 1.5", improved handling
  • Dual exhaust with Magnaflow dual in/dual out muffler - Again, better breathing and it sounds great!
  • '89 SuperCoupe front and rear sway bars - Firmer ride, less body roll
  • PI Heads/cams - better breathing, higher compression
  • PI Intake manifold - Better breathing
  • 80 MM Mustang GT  MAF - Better breathing, more accurate air sampling
  • Mark VIII Flexplate and Torque Converter - Faster launches.
  • SHO 150 mph Speedometer - Its just cool
  • KYB Shocks - Better handling

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Motor Trend article on the legendary SVT Thunderbird

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