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Modifications under the Hood

Ok, granted there isn't much done under here except a few shiny, colorful changes.  Not a lot to improve performance.   The only real modifications that are here are the Ported and Polished 04 Mustang GT Throttle Body & Intake Plenum and Custom Cold Air intake.  Now I've received mixed reviews on this Cold Air Intake.  Some say it is all show and no go (and they are probably right). Others say it isn't a "true" cold air intake as the aluminum piping will conduct heat from the engine to the air it is supposed to be keeping cold!  (And I suppose there may be some merit to that.  I'm working on some kind of insulation that can be wrapped around it for when I go to the Drag Strip and really need all the power I can get).  I've also installed Ford Racing Performance Products (FRPP) plug wires.   This was a necessity; I had a couple of bad wires, and I decided that if I was going to buy a new set, it was going to be a performance set that looked good also. The throttle body, and the intake plenum are from a 2004 Mustang GT and have been ported and polished, the TB has been "half-shafted".

Future mods will include "Performance Improved" heads, intake, and yes, probably some more "bling bling" to.

Something that you can't see, but can definitely feel is the SCT chip from Blueovalchips.com.

Lonnie Dell is the master at programming our Fords!

Blue Oval Chips