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  • Bad-Hoschy ·
    hi mikey
    evidently the answer to your quote from last night got deleted but anyway thank you for giving me some better info
    that makes me feel more confident to put mine in this year

    If you don*t mind me asking, what exactly had your 393 build used for parts? Did you buy a kit or did you buy the whole engine build by someone ???
    what is the soft and hard red line on the engine hp and torque

    I play around right now figuring out what i want to do ,i got a 351 in the garage which needs to go to the machine shop maybe you can guide me in a direction. the goal here is to build my t bird as a street legal road race car since there are a lot of tracks open now for privat people to run there cars.
    i use to do that when i was living in europe where most tracks are open to public

    thank you for your time

    so long
    TBirdTim ·
    Hey Mike,

    I am looking for a hood shock or the clip at the top that holds the shock to the hood pin. My Tbird is a 91, not sure if your part out car is the same shock?

    I'm in south jersey.

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