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  1. Ghost's Nascar T-Bird Project - 95% Completion Pics

    I'm glad I stopped by the forum to see this. Wow. There is nothing wrong with trying to be different, but your doing all the wrong things to achieve the goal you have set forth, you realize that right?
  2. HoodRich car show *Lowriders, DUB's, Imports, Classics, and Hoochies within*

    I want to know more about this thing...
  3. 97 Bird For Sale

    Cars For Sale
    haha if u ever decide to sell the 4.6 bird let me know I want a white one and that thing is beautiful! My thunderbird is dunzo so I need a new one.
  4. SCT Emblems?

    well thank you sir. How far are u from the walmart on rt.9 in lanoka harbor? good meet spot possibly?
  5. SCT Emblems?

    yep thats what im lookin for...
  6. SCT Emblems?

    Does anyone have a couple clean SCT emblems laying around? I could use one or two...
  7. Look what I found in the junkyard

    shoulda took some more pics maybe we coulda figured out who that car belonged to...
  8. What's For Dinner?

    that looks AMAZING
  9. Black on Black Gen II LSC...

    yeah thats probably what they are doing. If they are anything like the thunderbird's headlights its not a very difficult thing to do. i tried it, didnt go well with alpine green tho lol
  10. Black on Black Gen II LSC...

    never seen headlights blacked out like that on a mark before, it looks awesome
  11. How not to do a burnout in your Z06!

    the worst part is he actually thought he was the spinning the tires!!! for christ sake, how do you not realize that?? lol
  12. How about a boat ride

    jeez, it looks like things could go soooo bad sooooo fast with those things.
  13. "Terrible" Herbst Racing Shop Tour

  14. Picture of the week (old times)

    And if for some reason this idea never gets off the ground, the home page should at least be redesigned in a way that it doesn't look like something is missing. IMO it looks pretty lame with the blank space.
  15. Picture of the week (old times)

    Ok, I thought something was wrong with my browser this whole time. I'm glad I officially know why the main page is blank now. I must have missed that memo lol
  16. I have experienced AWD

    I cant imagine driving my Jeep on a daily basis without the AWD. For a while my t-case was shot and I had to drive it with RWD only. That was fun lol but without any kind of traction control i was spinning the rear tires every time i hit the gas pedal lol
  17. 18" Fusion Sport wheels (2010) bolt pattern? / idea for CUDAZ?

    it had something to do with the independent rear suspension if i recall correctly.
  18. Chrysler Rip Off

    wouldnt be the first time.... close enough in my opinion, and looks like hyundai is gettin in on the fun too... :tongue:
  19. I can't even think of a title for this....

    i dont think that guy has to worry about any "haters swiping" his ride lol
  20. No signals or hazard flasher

    yeah you have to take apart the surround behind the steering wheel and you can get to it. some people have gotten away with just cleaning the contacts on the switch to solve the problem, but taking that apart is not something i want to do multiple times so i plan on picking up a new one soon.
1-20 of 462 Results