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  1. Happy Birthday Dustytheredneck!

    Thank you
  2. swap in progress sensor question

    Engine - 4.6L & 5.4L
    I've been searching but getting limited answers. so far, if I'm right, the coolant temp sensors on a '96 4.6l thunderbird is driver side temp sensor is green and for the gauge Passenger side temp sensor is grey and for the computer what is this that I hear about a "cold start lock...
  3. Post a picture you took today

    my fun eBay find that found its way to my home
  4. clutch line question

    Stick Transmission Swaps
    TOday was a little adventure. my roommate and I drove around Grand Rapids stopping at different places trying to get the fittings needed. Obviously, the last place we stopped (Thermo-King), they were able to make up a new line, stainless steel with the proper AN fitting and bends. They even...
  5. It Appears to be time

    Club Forum
    I'm just going to leave this here ----> I wouldn't know what I now know if it wasn't for this site, especially the more technical items.......or meeting the few friends I have met in person and the help from others I've never met when I have a question to which I appreciate. I don't see...
  6. clutch line question

    Stick Transmission Swaps
    i like the idea of a little extra line, just incase. I bought the slave and the fitting for the master cylinger this past weekend, and I guess I have to modify the inlet line on the slave to accept an AN line
  7. clutch line question

    Stick Transmission Swaps
    And thank you. And then the line I should be able to get a line from somewhere once I get my length measured from the master to the slave?
  8. clutch line question

    Stick Transmission Swaps
    Yes, I have the transmission already. Tremec 3650 out of an '06 mustang. Planning on putting that behind a '97 mark VIII 4.6 and it all is going into a '96 Thunderbird Hi Mike. Yeah, it's definitely been awhile. Long enough to forget my password and I'm trying to get use to the layout of...
  9. clutch line question

    Stick Transmission Swaps
    OK, I've spent the better of a couple hours looking and searching but haven't had much luck.... I'm getting ready to put a 2006 tremec 3650 into my T-bird and I'm trying to figure out how the hydrolic line is going to be. I have the supercoupe master cylinder and ordering a '06 mustang slave...
  10. 92 sc 5-speed parting out in ny

    Parts For Sale
    Pm sent
  11. 92 sc 5-speed parting out in ny

    Parts For Sale
    Clutch pedal assembly? Is it still available?
  12. Part out: 97 Sport

    Parts For Sale
    PM sent
  13. mark viii pats 1997

    Audio / Electronics
    Ok sweet! That's what I was wondering. Hopefully my plan continues the way I would like it to. Thank you!
  14. mark viii pats 1997

    Audio / Electronics
    First off, I hope I'm posting this on the right spot. ..... to the main topic, pats on a 1997 lincoln mark viii. Does anyone know if the pats is programmed into the main computer (engine ecu) or does it have its own separate module? Thanks
  15. Road Course

    I never realized how close Gingerman is to me until like 2 minutes ago. might just have to think about looking into it now
  16. I've returned. .. with another T-bird project. ...

    Thank you and I'll be putting the original trunk lid lights back on in the end. I'm almost thinking of color matching the stripe on the taillights to the paint scheme that I have in mind.
  17. I've returned. .. with another T-bird project. ...

    I use to have a 95 bird, but I ended up having to sell it because jury duty cut into work and the paycheck. But I happened to run across another hidden gem. Playing on craigslist I stumbled upon a thunderbird. Transmission was bad, it had kissed a deer at one point, and had been sitting...
  18. Updated Smartphone Feedback Thread

    Community Help
    The biggest issue I was having was certain threads, I would get an ad that would stay stuck in the middle of the screen, no matter what I tried to do. .. otherwise I didn't have any issues with it
  19. M5R2-RKE internals in 97+ F150 M5R2 case???

    M5R2 5 Speed Transmissions
    Used a 91 4.6l. The issue I ran into was when everything was set in place, the shifter would hit my radio when in 1st, 3rd and 5th. That and the boot wouldn't sit correct. I had to move the handle about 2 - 3 inches back (I don't remember exactly how much at the moment)
1-20 of 52 Results