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  1. to those who have changed out a fuel pump...

    General Tech
    The Ford Part Number for the Fuel Tank To Filler Pipe Hose is (F4SZ-9047-A) or (F4SZ9047A) The NOS link referenced doesn't work - but they still offer the Ford part - $45.00 - as of 11/24/19
  2. The Ford Thunderbird SC...The BEST Starter Car Money Can Buy, if You Could FIND One!

    Anybody out there interested in a 1996 LX with 188K - original 3.8L engine (Mobile One since the get-go - 23 mpg), original tranny and original exhaust - meticulous maintenance records and garaged. Love it - but there comes a time... Oh yeah - Boston area...
  3. Got a ThunderChicken for 500 bucks

    Newbie Forum
    .... rotors (just got turned).... you are better off getting new ones from RockAuto (about $20) - also - getting hard to find places that will cut rotors - and they want $15 to $30 each to do that the front rotors are ventilated, and those ventilation slots build up rust over time, which...
  4. First repalcement alternator - '96

    Engine - 3.8L & 4.2L
    replaced the OEM 130amp alternator on my 3.8L '96. Rather interestingly, a new Remy at RockAuto was about $100 - same as a reman unit. OEM alternator lasted 174K (20.5 years) - but charging voltage was dropping - I have a voltage indicator plugged into a supplemental power strip and routinely...
  5. Cannot find this coolant hose anywhere

    Engine - 3.8L & 4.2L
    TUBE - HEATER WATER -F4SZ18B402A or Motorcraft KT74 About $80-$90 - or OE Parts HQ 877-677-8691 temp sensor is Ford Part Number: F1SZ-18D371-A - obsolete - apparently it is a simple 120 degree-on switch - in other words, open circuit below 120, closed circuit above 120...
  6. Ford Security System

    General Tech
    Probably Ford System 6 alarm I have a dealer-installed System 6 Ford Alarm - '96 T-Bird Started acting up (can't use interior lights or mirrors after car starts - don't work when door opened but will when alarm 'disarm' button used) - need to determine if the unit itself is malfunctioning. My...
  7. 36th Annual ALL FORDS & AMERICAN IRON Car Show

    Massachusetts Chapter
    Might attend - but my T-Bird is not a show car - looks good, but definitely not concours-level Not like this one: 1969 Mustang Shelby GT500 Cobra Jet Found In Pristine Condition
  8. Ford Lincoln Mercury Day - August 17

    Massachusetts Chapter
    Ford Lincoln Mercury Day August 17, 2014 10a.m. - 2p.m. Ford Motor Company has been an indispensable facet of the automotive world almost since the beginning. Any car from this most famous of carmakers, from Model T to Mustang or from Continental to Cougar, is welcome at this year’s...
  9. 34rd Annual MUSTANGS & AMERICAN IRON Fall Round-Up & Swap Meet - Warwick, RI

    Rhode Island Chapter
    34rd Annual MUSTANGS & AMERICAN IRON Fall Round-Up & Swap Meet October 05, 2014 Show Hours: Car Registrations: 9 to 11:30 AM, Trophies Awarded about 3:30 PM. 34rd Annual MUSTANGS & AMERICAN IRON Fall Round-Up & Swap Meet (rain date: 10/12/14) This show Welcomes ALL YEARS and MODELS of Mustangs...
  10. 36th Annual ALL FORDS & AMERICAN IRON Car Show

    Massachusetts Chapter
    36th Annual ALL FORDS & AMERICAN IRON Car Show August 17, 2014 Show Hours: Car Registrations: 9 to 11:30 AM, Trophies Awarded about 3:30 PM. 36th Annual ALL FORDS & AMERICAN IRON Car Show (rain date: 8/24/14) ALL YEARS and MODELS of Ford, GM, Mopar, AMC, etc. autos, Stock, Modified or Custom...
  11. Interior lighting problem

    Developed a bizarre interior lighting problem ('96 LX) about a month ago Interior light doesn't go on when the door(s) is opened - but - > when the key is turned forward to "On" (not "Acc" - but "On")- the interior lights (doors and overhead) go on, but no map lights, glove compartment, etc...
  12. Replaced Blend Door Actuator

    Code 24 is fault in blend door calibration during self Test the diagnosis beyond that is rather involved and outlined in the shop manual for the T-Bird. If you don't have a manual - it is well worth it - about $35 (Ford OEM) on eBay Replacing the actuator motor is a PIA - may want to opt for...
  13. Replaced Blend Door Actuator

    I have the diagnostic service book for EATC/ATC for 1993/1997 and it indicates the self-check for the ATC is the same for 1993-1997 models Note that in the procedure - you can set the Function Selector Knob to either Panel or Floor - I just tried it on my '96 - there's a trick to it - you...
  14. Parking brake switch replacement

    Parking brake light on my '96 LX stopped working. Since a few of the instrument cluster bulbs had burned out - at first I thought it was that. But the Brake light would come on during startup along with the other dash lights - so the bulb was good. It was the switch for the parking brake pedal...
  15. check engine light

    Engine - 5.0L & 5.8L
    For any Tbird after 1996 - get an OBD-II code reader (about $20 on eBay for a Creader basic model - $55+ on Amazon and HarborFreight tools) - it will tell you exactly the code that is turning on the CEL and will also clear it. Just connect it to the OBD-II connector below the glove compartment...
  16. replacing LCAs and strut bushings

    started to get noise from my front end (96 T-Bird, 126K) , and the strut bushings were shot. After reading many of the posts on this forum, I got ambitious and decided to replace the LCAs along with the strut-to-LCA bushings. Parts came from RockAuto and Supercoupe Performance (LCAs). The...
  17. Torque specs for monroe shocks and struts

    what do you think of the ride with the Monroe Quik Struts? someone else in this forum complained that the car floated too much with the Quik Struts - but I think he had a V8 - mine's a V6
  18. outside temperature screwy.

    General Tech
    Replacement ATC ambient temp sensor parts numbers well, as it turns out - there are aftermarket sensors -- just need to talk to the right parts guy - If you want to use the self-check (Ign in Run, set dials at Auto and either Panel or Floor, press Cool and Outside simultaneously, then Warm...
  19. outside temperature screwy.

    General Tech
    Ambient air sensor no longer stocked - FOAZ 19E702 A Anyone looking for this part (FOAZ-19E702-A) better move fast - my local dealers (Boston area) tell me it is obsolete (meaning no longer stocked, available, or produced - and no replacements for it) and only four dealers in the country still...
  20. Replaced Blend Door Actuator

    beats me - here's what's on eBay
1-20 of 22 Results