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  1. 96 Thunderbird LX won’t start - possible anti theft issue

    General Tech
    i had a issue when my tbird would not turn over to start. so i got under it and took a hammer to the starter, and hit it a few times, and it started. each time i shut it down. i needed to do this every time i needed to start it. so i replaced the starter. and fixed the proublem.
  2. Overdrive Gear Stopped Working

    4R70W Transmissions
    well. i put a transgo shift kit in every car i get. and all trans live. just go to the transgo web sight, get the AODE-4R70W shift kit up. you will see all it fixes. just to name a few fixes, it fixes runaway line pressure that breaks parts. 2nd roller crash, slow lockup. and more. i have owned...
  3. Overdrive Gear Stopped Working

    4R70W Transmissions
    well just go to the transgo web sight and check all the fixes it does. and i have a lot of good luck with them. i have three of tbirds. i own a 94 95 and 97 models. the 94 when i got it it needed a trans. i got one from the bone yard with 119.000 on it. i had the shift kit installed. then i...
  4. Overdrive Gear Stopped Working

    4R70W Transmissions
    the servo valve is stuck. mine when it shifted to overdrive, it was like it went into neutral, no gear at all. i took it to my garage to have it checked out. and he told me the servo valve was stuck. he took it out, cleaned up and took emery cloth to it to smooth out the scratches on it, and put...
  5. Seat belt guide trim on interior pillar 97 tbird LX

    i have them in a 95 model if you will use them
1-5 of 5 Results