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  1. Post a picture you took today

    Hell no! Doing all this work sucked! I made it worse by deciding to get rid of the body side cladding, which meant 37 holes down each side of the car to weld up, which then warped the panels and required body work down both sides of the car. Every time I paint a car, I tell myself never...
  2. Ford v. Ferrari

    Just saw it in imax. Definitely something that should be seen on the big screen with the surround sound for the racing sequences.
  3. T45 swap slave bracket?

    Stick Transmission Swaps
    Somewhere I have pics of one of the brackets I made a long time ago, but I never really had any measurements, I just made it with the trans in front of me. I tied into one bolt that the cover for the clutch fork went to, and then made a brace coming back to tie into the rear of 2 tabs on the...
  4. 98 LSC - heated seats

    Once the seat cover is off, it should be pretty easy to find the break, since they usually leave a burn mark. I have never taken the MarkVIII one apart, so I don’t know for sure, but usually you can just cut out the broken section and solder the 2 ends of the wire back together, and be good to go.
  5. 1984 thunderbird dirt racing questions

    If you are using an 84, that is a fox chassis, so anything that works on a fox mustang will also work on that. If a 351 is allowed, I would run that instead of the 289. I’m not sure what to tell you about converting to a steering box instead of rack and pinion, as I have never heard of anyone...
  6. **** the ******* Fuckers!!

    I think from now on, any time we want to say ****, we should type fuckers. It’ll be like an MN12 code word. So what you meant to say was fuckers the fuckersinf fuckersers!
  7. 3.8l Cat Forward modification help

    I would have just swapped to the older passenger exhaust manifold before going through all that!
  8. 1995 Mercury Cougar 4.6L Intake Manifold

    Newbie Forum
    No, I’ve noticed that too. If I want to roll the windows up, best to drop below 90. While I do generally drive fast, I don’t make a habit of hitting those types of speeds. That 157mph was done when I was I think 21 or 22, and it was also early on a Sunday morning on a straight stretch of road...
  9. Ford v. Ferrari

    November 15th, as per the last frame of the preview.
  10. New Banner Images Needed - Submit here.

    Community Help
    I like this pic from the 2018 Epic Drive
  11. 1995 Mercury Cougar 4.6L Intake Manifold

    Newbie Forum
    157 was the highest I ever got. That was in a 90XR7, 4100rpms in 5th. Did you get the horrendous wind noise from the tops of the doors over 150ish? I swear it sounded like a 747 was landing right on top of me!
  12. 1995 Mercury Cougar 4.6L Intake Manifold

    Newbie Forum
    I wouldn't waste any time with the 3V motor. They are over-complicated and unreliable compared to a 2V, or even a 4V. The 4V motor would be a much easier swap, and offer comparable horsepower. Keep in mind that when you lock the cams of the 3V in place, you are going to lose a good bit of...
  13. Emissions Help

    General Tech
    If the EGR valve is stuck partially open, that would cause running rough at idle and potentially could throw off the readings at the tailpipe.
  14. Emissions Help

    General Tech
    Anywhere that does the emissions testing via OBD2 port only does it on anything 96 and newer. The fact that some 94 and 95 cars are OBD2 does not matter because this is purely a bureaucratic thing. As for your “sample dilution” issue, if you don’t have a massive exhaust leak, then they likely...
  15. 1996 Thunderbird Sport 59K Miles *Nearly Mint*

    Cars For Sale
    I don’t think the price is unreasonable given the condition and mileage of the car, but it is definitely going to take a while to find the right buyer. You are also not likely to find a buyer for something like this right before winter, since that basically means they will have to store it all...
  16. Help with eBay purchase

    How the **** does that happen when you have pictures clearly showing different angles at the downtubes, and complete lack of O2 sensor bungs where ones should be?
  17. 97 cougar 3.8 start up issue

    Engine - 3.8L & 4.2L
    Yes, 96 and 97 are interchangeable
  18. 97 cougar 3.8 start up issue

    Engine - 3.8L & 4.2L
    I just looked up the connector views on both ECMs. The only differences I find are the Mustang ECM has no provision for a high speed fan, only the low speed, and there is an input to the Tbird ECM for AC pressure that is not there on the Mustang ECM. So it will "work" in the sense of it will...
  19. Help with eBay purchase

    Looking at the angles on that right side downtube, I suspect this part would fit an 89-93 car. I don’t know for sure about the 3.8NA, but the early SCs and the 5.0 cars had that sharp angle on the passenger side manifold, and for the 94/95 SCs it was revised to be more of a straight shot, like...
  20. O2 sensor problem

    Engine - 4.6L & 5.4L
    I suspect the wiring may have rubbed on the exhaust and burned through.
1-20 of 189 Results