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PI Swap done about 20 years ago
95 thunderbird lx 4.6 v8
I just bought this car for a really good deal and I have absolutely fallen in love with the way it rides it drives it even gets decent gas mileage for a V-8
2021 engine swap to Teksid DOHC 4.6 The Mods for 2021 are in addition to: See Fall 2019 for initial Mods See Fall 2020 for 2020 mods
This car is more than just a polished turd.
Some photos of my 1989 Ford Thunderbird Super Coupe
Bought the '85 new, was a 302 TB FI, AOD, added Konis and 15x7 ten spokes, spoilers, was a great car, took us a lot of places and brought us home. Sold in 2009, we both cried later. Bought the Purple '92 Sport in 2007, also 302 (5.0) and a new rebuilt AOD, car ran like a top, paint was near...
New member and introductory showcase.
This car is being optimized as a street legal machine with racing capabilities.
SuperBirdo 1995 Tbird
1991 Cougar XR7 5.8L EFI 5 SPEED.
My 3 week, thousand dollar drift missile/daily beater build
This is my 1992 Ford Thunderbird Sport 5.0L V8 HO. I haven't done really much in mods but there will be more done in the future.
Anyone who can help me out with info on this car
1992 Ford Thunderbird Sport
Dark Highland Paint
This car was basically sitting on a Kansas farm collecting everything from critters to thick, fine grained dust. All but rotting away with no one to care for it. It belonged to a family relative and was at one point a daily driver. When one February day my wife and I were up there for a funeral...
Coyote 6R80 swapped Thunderbird with VMP supercharger
1995 Thunderbird with a DOHC and a 3650 Tremec
1998 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC (Black)
1987 Ford Thunderbird (Burgundy and Gold)
1992 Ford Thunderbird Sport (Blue, mostly dark)