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Dark Highland Paint
This car was basically sitting on a Kansas farm collecting everything from critters to thick, fine grained dust. All but rotting away with no one to care for it. It belonged to a family relative and was at one point a daily driver. When one February day my wife and I were up there for a funeral...
Coyote 6R80 swapped Thunderbird with VMP supercharger
1995 Thunderbird with a DOHC and a 3650 Tremec
1998 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC (Black)
1987 Ford Thunderbird (Burgundy and Gold)
1992 Ford Thunderbird Sport (Blue, mostly dark)
1990 Ford Thunderbird SC (Red)
1993 Ford Thunderbird SC (Black)
2005 Ford Explorer (Blue w/silver accents)
1988 Ford Thunderbird Turbo Coupe (Black)
1995 Ford Thunderbird (Chameleon)
1996 Ford Thunderbird LX (White)
1997 Ford Thunderbird (Pearl White)