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Showcase cover image for 1996 Ford Thunderbird (my first car also)

General Information

Ford Thunderbird
Pacific Green
not only is this car my very first car I ever bought, it was also totaled weeks after owning it.
I ended up rear-ending a guy in a van, my wheels were locked up but still hit him hard enough to have the airbags go off. TIP: NEVER DRIVE WITHOUT A SHIRT ON UNLESS YOU DO NOT HAVE AIRBAGS IN YOUR CAR! everyone told me to get rid of her… but I persisted I could fix it. I went from knowing minimal knowledge on cars to having 14 vehicles so far in my life, I’m still 20 years old! I’ve had 4 MN12’s total, but this car obviously is my baby. It has been Frankenstein’d I have multiple tbird parts on this car and it has came a long way, still needs to be finished though! I had to repaint it myself, I used a cheap $23 harbor freight air gun and still it turned out fairly decent for my first time. I don’t daily her no more, I moved on to a Cougar now 😉 and she loves being up in the air just as much LOL. but my Tbird, it’s more than just a first car, it’s a part of my life.


mostly stock driveterrain. Tbirdy has the 4.6L V8
Tan leather
New green paint, it does have some stick ons on the hood… debated taking them off, but there’s plastic all over this car anyway. it actually turned out better than I thought it would!
She came with all around pioneer speakers, there are some behind the rear window so 6 total. Kenwood radio
I replaced every single light on this car. interior floor and door lights are dark blue, but the rest of the lights all have been replaced with white LED’s. headlights have bright white LED’s also and they have built in fans. solid.
Stock exhaust the car is very very quiet I prefer the stock sound and mufflers even though the 4.6 does sound really good with flowmasters. I did however remove the silencer so the motor sounded like it had more GIT’ER DONE
Need to replace my rear struts asap the rust scares me my 95’ Tbird has a blown out rear strut, there’s a huge hole you can almost fit your head into in the trunk LOL and my cougar is on her way to that point! So I need to at least get some new bushings and go from there. Also the lower control arms’ ball joints are not very friendly. I have had the “old rusted out swingset creak” sound from my front end, when I turn the wheel, on ALL of my MN12’s……
Wheel and Tire
not sure what brand of wheels I have but for missing the hubcaps they look decent


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