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Showcase cover image for 1997 Cougar 30th Anniversay Edition #2

General Information

Cougar XR7
Dark Toreodor Red
30th Anniversay Package, Moonroof, Traction Lock. Cloth and Leather 30th Anniversay seat.
A recent purchase to use as a daily driver. A definite work in progress. The Rockers are Rusted. Rest of the body is surprisingly solid. No major body damage other than the dented drivers side front fender. 156k and still runs strong. This is the car I'm going to have fun modding. Future plans are a full PI swap. 3.73 FRP Aluminium Differantial. 93 Mark VIII drive shaft and LCA's. The ultimate goal is to increase the performance using carefully selected parts from Fords parts bins in such a way that the cars improved but not compromised.
1997 Mercury Cougar XR7 (Dark Toreodor Red)


High performance Dorman Racing Intake ;) Royal Blue generic plug wires. Royal black oil leak.

Hey, it's a high milage 4.6 and still runs damn good. And if it all goes right I gots me some plans.
Tattered drivers seat, Squeaks and Rattles. Genuine Ford AM/FM Cassette. Tired Speakers. Pony Tail with T-Shirt.

Planned. Leather Seating courtesy of 97 30th. Premium Sound w/CD swap. AutoLamp and SATC Swap from Parts Car
Factory Rocker Panel Delete. Assorted Dents and Dings. New wiper blades! So I got that going for me;)

Rust repair and bodywork lurking around the corner. Spiffy NOS Power Antenna and DTR deck lid with spoiler await. As are some lighting upgrades and mild window tint. Clear Corners and new headlights.
Various media of Rock, Metal, Alt and Gnu Rock available via Cassettes, Cassette Adaptor and Belkin iTrip. Basically the worst of all worlds. It's Ghetto and I don't care. Really.
"Cleveland Special" ride and handling package consisting of Rear: Coated Moog Cargo Coils. New SensaTrac shocks. New Moog Sway Bar Links and the original Sport package rear sway bar.

Front: SensaTrac QuickStruts, New Moig USA LCA's, UCA's, Sway Bar links, Tie Rod Ends and Strut Rod Bushings. Fresh Rack Docter Rack and Pinion.

The symphony of clanks thumps and rattles of the 155k Sport suspensions been replaced with.....


And that's OK.
Wheel and Tire
30th Anniversary rims sporting cheap Indonesion Rubber. Hey! all four tires match. And they have tread. So onward we ride. But when they are finally worn out I'll be doing naked cartwheels outside the tire dealer. Well maybe not. But I'll be glad to see them gone when their time comes.



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