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General Information

Cougar XR7
Pacific Green Clearcoat Metalic and Silver lower
Special Edition
Purchased new on April 20, 1996. I owner. First track visit in June 1996. 16.1 @ 88.
1996 Mercury Cougar XR7 (Pacific Green Clearcoat Metalic and Silver lower)


Previous under hood.......................................
*Factory 4.6L Shortblock modified with swapped Stock 2V PI heads, Stage 1 cams, Stock Bullitt Intake & Stock Bullitt Throttle body, 30# injectors, JBA Shortie Headers, Meziere Electric waterpump and Manual Rack & Pinion Steering. ZEX Dry nitrous kit 125 when wanting the power adder.

Current powerplant project Below...................................

**A Chris Vining assembled/modified 94 Lincoln Mark VIII 4.6 Motor. Balanced and Blue printed Aluminum Short block machined and assembled by Mike Rauscher at L & M Racing Engines. Built to 8K RPM and 800 HP capable with power adder.

Specs- 4.6L .020 cleanup overbore (283 CI), Manley Forged/coated Flat Top Pistons, Manley Forged H-Beam rods, Total Seal Piston Rings. Approx 11.1 compression ratio, with all ARP fasteners. Polished and balanced stock crank.

**Ford 4.6L Stock heads, Ported and Polished, Aftermarket Springs with Stainless Steel valves and FR500 followers.

**Ford Intake Ported and Polished w/ Aftermarket Fuel rails, 60# per hr Fuel Injectors and Aeromotive FPR. 1/2 inch feed line 3/8 return line.
**Competition Cams Stage 3 Street and Race camshafts.

**Mark VIII oil pan with Chris Vining modified oil returns and pan.

Awaiting final build completion. Completion date approximately May 2018!!

Special Thanks go out to Chris Vining, Mike Rauscher, Mike Siska (EECDOC Performance) and others to be named later.
*Stock interior-Gray leather with cloth inserts.
*10 Gallon In-trunk fuel cell and aftermarket pump.
*Battery relocated to the trunk.
*Nitrous bottle installed in trunk.
*NHRA approved firewall between the trunk and passenger compartment.
*NHRA approved emergency shutoff/kill switch to the car.
*Stock with Aftermarket Fiberglass Ram-Air hood. **Two tone factory paint.
*Front and rear Driveshaft loops
*Swapped hubs to Mustang bolt pattern
*Custom built Subframe Connectors
*Custom 3" exhaust and X pipe exiting side of the vehicle
*Factory AM-FM Stereo w/cassette.
Stock front suspension except for adjustable front shocks.

Rear suspension has been modified with a Lincoln Mark VIII aluminum rear, Locker, Aluminum lower control arms & Pucks, Stock springs and Air Lift air bags. Shocks are Bilsteins.

Subframe connectors are in place to solidify the front and rear unibody.
Wheel and Tire
29 X 10 x 15 Hoosiers on Weld wheels power adder
28 x 10 X 15 MT on weld Wheels on MOTOR NA



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