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Gulfstream Blue
Bought this car in 1970 At RK Chevrolet in Va. Beach VA. It was traded in for a Camaro.
I have driven this car every day from day one and it has over 600,000 miles. I'm a Ex Rock & Roller and drove this car up and down the East Coast playing gigs, cramming a SUNN amp and 6-10's cabnet in the back seat and my ES335 strapped in the pass seat, and East to West coast 5 times settling in CA in '75. Quit music and learned the Auto Parts business.
As a Parts Salesman in San Diego Drove this car every day. 3 engines, 4 tranys, 2 rear ends. I love this car.
1969 Ford Mustang (Gulfstream Blue)


Stock 302 /w Holly Street Dominator intake and 500cfm carb...Sorenson Electronic Hall device ignition..Accell coil...CalCustom valve covers and funnel air cleaner sealed to working hood scoop .Headman Headers /w 36" Straight through glass packs.
Bought the car in VA so no smog at all.
I put a Merc 3 speed/w OD toploder to replace the OEM 3 speed trans...cruses [email protected] Added new bracing (not in Pic). Still working on the engine.....
Stock. I'm doing a total redo, but I had a injury and can't crawl around the inside like when I was younger. Maybe I'll get it done this year.
Started to restore the car in 2005. The Painter had it for more than a year. Bought new body trim, added front air dam, rear spoiler. Got the exterior done except attaching the side mirrors then had a mild stroke in 2008 and had to put it all on hold.
Hellwig roll bars front and rear...Monroe shocks all around....Air shocks on the rear. Replaced Stock Upper Control arm bushings with straight bushings like on Chevys. Moog makes them to replace the stock screw type.
Wheel and Tire
Cragar chrome Indy Style Steel wheels 7x15 front, 8x15 rear....rears reversed 2".....After 40+ years the center started rusting so I painted them Metallic Black and left a chrome beauty ring just for fun.



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