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Thunderbird 2 door hard top
midnight blue metalic
" C" code 429 CJ "Z " code C6 trans "O" code LSD 3.00 gear 2 dr. hard top
My first T-Bird. I bought the car in 1980 with all intentions of pulling the engine and dropping it in my truck.
During the 4 hour drive back home I fell in love with the car and decided to fix it up and keep it.
I was 16 and had a pickup with a very tired 289 in it, which was not fast enough for me. I went looking in newspapers for a bigger engine and found a 429 Thunderbird for sale in Denver for $500. I called the number and was told it was left to them by their uncle and had to sell it. I had my dad drive me to Denver that afternoon where I only drove around the block and handed over the cash before the long drive back home.
I drove the car about 100 miles thinking about how this engine would make my old Ranger fly. Then after about the 200 mile mark I was in love with the car and how it rode. then started thinking how I have never seen one like it before.
I drove the car for 3 weeks before I started having problems. that was when I found out I didn't have a normal 429.
the car was running bad so went to local NAPA to get points and condenser. popped of the cap and saw 2 set of points. I had never seen that before. went in and told the guy who didn't believe me and walked out to look for himself, that was when he educated me about what I had and offered to buy the engine from me. I guess the air cleaner should have told me something was special. That big orange sticker saying in big black letters 106 octane min.
I drove the car for the next 5 years then parked it to be restored later and still it sits 29 years.
1970 Ford Thunderbird 2 door hard top (midnight blue metalic)


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