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Showcase cover image for DustinSc3's 1990  Thunderbird SC 35TH Anniversary

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Thunderbird SC 35TH Anniversary
Black and Titanium
Second owner of car with around 90K, has headers and full exhaust with smaller pulley and 76mm MAF. in process of new motor and trans.
1990 Thunderbird SC 35TH Anniversary (Black and Titanium)



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Nice! I've got 90 Super Coupe black on black, 2nd owner 112,000miles. The original owners gave to nephew as graduation gift. Drove it a bit , spun the harmonic balancer. Then joined the marines, I got it for $500.00. Liked Tbirds body style,got it let my mom drive. Thinking Supercoupe was a factory option? Till i googled it &founded out their history! Then I found a bumper sticker saying "Yes it fast! No you can't drive it!" ,so i kept the car & gave her the bumper sticker! Lol The kid took out the original JBL stereo system. So I'm looking for the JBL stereo system to put back in it. I added 10% blower pulley&5% pulleys on rest of it. Also added new motor & trans mounts( factory oil filled ones went bad). Only thing wrong now is clear coat is peeling off on trunk. Soon as buddies paint booth is available I fix that! With new paint & fog in tbird wings on doors and quarter panels, then tbird head on hood with lightning bolts coming from eyes down hood & fenders. On trunk lid will tell the Native Peoples Legend of the Thunderbird and how thunder & lightning came about! Want to keep original maybe add custom wheels & tires. I got a 95 yellow tbird (named Tweety Bird) setting up to race. Like to build the 4.6L(mod motors got my interest(new to me)) cost wise think I'll run 351 stroker? Think can go faster& cheaper! Seen your Bird was on jacks you keeping it as a collector?( I hope)