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General Information

Flat Black
XR7 V8
Before I started this project I had a little V6 Tbird, that I thought looked tough as nails. I ended up retaining the wheels and hood and traded the Tbird for the 97 Cougar. The first thing I had to change out was the Front suspension. Then, I started building a forged TEKSID block with Trick Flow heads and all the goodies that go with it years ago and ran it N/A till 2013 and then installed a Tork Tech Termi kit.

On 9/30/16, I took her down to the Sikeston Drag Strip and ran her through the lights. She ran 7.405 sec. @ 94 MPH in the 1/8 mile. Then I hot lapped her and ran 7.448 sec. @ 93.5 MPH. I guess I will have to check into water/meth injection to get more out of her.
1997 Mercury Cougar (Flat Black)


TEKSID 4.6 bored .030 over with Speed Pro 10cc dished forged pistons, H beam rods, and Cobra forged crankshaft, Trick Flow heads, Comp cams 102600 camshafts, 55lb 2013 GT500 injectors, Tork Tech Terminator kit. I had spoke SCP to about putting in Griffin in with the Tork Tech kit and found that it would have to be downsized to make it fit, so I went another route. I got a 1964-66 Thunderbird radiator, cut off the mounting tabs and made my own brackets to hold the fan. I had to cut the hood latch area on the hood to get the intercooler to fit. I aready had hood pins installed, so what-the-heck. The recovery tank return line ended up going on the top of the thermostat housing, since the radiator did not have a proper port.
The seats are from a Mazda RX8. They sit a bit low so I am going to have them raised up some time. There is a boost gauge on the steering column, a Kenny Bell boost-a-pump and an Optima battery in the trunk wired in with 00 gauge copper wire.
Flat Black paint conceals this body's imperfections quite well, it's solid yet beat up. I went with polished accents to break it up and flow with the rims. The insignia on the hood came from my Father-in-law. He was an F6F pilot in WWII and was given a jacket patch and sticker which he saved through the years. Believe it or not, I had chosen the name of the Hellcat in January 2014
for this project but by May 2014, Dodge had revealed their new Challenger Hellcat and figured I would look like "Johnny come lately", but the theme remains and this cat can hall the mail.
Alpine stereo rocks the tunes, but the real kicker is the gas pedal. Woooot
Lincoln Mark VIII LCA with DLF bushings, SCP rear cover differential brace, KBY rear shocks, Mark VIII diff housing with 3.73/1 differential gears with traction lock, SCP poly diff bushings, SCP poly outer transmission cross member bushings, SCP solid rubber transmission mount.
Brakes are, PBR mustang dual piston calipers up front with ceramic pads, drilled and slotted rotors, front and rear.
Wheel and Tire
She needed a new set of shoes, staggered Cobra R's 17x7.5 & 17x9 wrapped in Firestone Wide Oval 235/55/17 front and M&H Racemasters 275/50/17 rear.



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