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Silver Birch with gray interior (blegh)
Whatever crap every other impala 3.8 has.
Family car, passed down to me. Motor nearly burned down this summer when the faulty oil stem (recalled, but ignored) failed and began spewing oil onto the exhaust manifold. Still getting over burns from that incident. Car was hit by an uninsured driver in November, who was at fault. Entire engine mount is warped, subframe is bent, power steering pump broke (now held together with flex-tape), rear quarter of unibody heavily damaged, alignment ruined. Car really should have been totaled out... but I'm 18 years old and even if you're not at fault, when you're 18 you PAY for EVERY claim no matter HOW it happened. Car had 93k miles when I received it, now has 112k. Car will be scrapped on March 31st of 2019.
2001 Chevrolet Impala (Silver Birch with gray interior (blegh))


3.8L V6 (series II). I had purchased a supercharger and whole top end kit for the car about 3 days before it burned so I decided to delay until December to install it, but in November the car was essentially destroyed (even though I still drive it). Needless to say, It's not going to be installed.
I scratched the seat and headliner with a mountain bike… oops.
2 new power mirrors to replace the crappy old ones

Oh and I put a McCain 2008 bumper-sticker on it. Someone left me a mean note and keyed a swastika into my car because of it.
I put a little Bluetooth thingy in it so I can listen to music on my phone without disabling the airbags. (If you look at the wiring diagram, due to the god-awful onstar system in the car, the sensors that deploy the airbags, the airbags, and the "premium" entertainment system are all in a SERIES CIRCUIT! Who the hell designs a car like that!? Seriously! Go on copart, look up wrecked impalas. You won't find ANY with deployed airbags IF the radio has been replaced. Why does nobody know this? Because nobody is smart enough to look at the wiring diagram before cutting their cars apart.
IRS (MacPherson strut)
Wheel and Tire
BF Goodrich Advantage T/A sport tires (A trac, A temp, with 118mph speed rating) wrapping the original Bonneville style rims that are on most 01 LS 3.8L Impalas.



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